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Whyte & Mackay
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Whyte & Mackay

Год основания 1844
Территориальное местонахождение Glasgow, Scotland
Краткое описание Introduction

Founded on the docks of Glasgow in 1844 by James Whyte and Charles Mackay, the brand has gone from strength to strength over the years.

From the days of ship building, to current sporting traditions, to the arts and crafts and scientific inventions, ‘Clyde built’ is synonymous with quality and with Glasgow. Whyte & Mackay is proud of its Glasgow roots and has subsequently re-designed its packaging to capture the original brand essence whilst incorporating the traditional and stylish aspects that Glasgow has become renowned for.


By the late 19th century Glasgow was famous for its ship building, pioneering its craft all over the world. It was at this time that James Whyte and Charles Mackay began to marry the best whiskies of Scotland. Taking over 35 specially selected malts, from the four whisky regions of Scotland, they blended them together to form a distinctive “Special” whisky.

Working on the philosophy of ‘all good things come to those who wait’, Whyte & Mackay used a double marriage process in the blending of their whisky, the same process that is still used to this very day. This unique process not only guarantees a smooth, mellow and distinctive character but more importantly it guarantees consistency, accounting for every drop of Whyte & Mackay tasting as good as the first.

Since the very beginning, the iconic symbol of Whyte & Mackay has been the double red lions. During the reign of David II, the Campbells procured a legal title to the Macgregor lands of Glenorchy. This resulted in the Macgregors being expelled from their own territory and by means of survival they became an outlawed, lawless and landless Clan. By an act of the privy council in 1603, all who had the name of Macgregor were compelled, on pain of death, to adopt another surname. During this time many of the Clan assumed the name Whyte. As a mark of respect to the Macgregor/Whyte Clan, the founders of Whyte & Mackay took the lion from the Macgregor crest as their emblem. They then added to this the Lion Rampant of Scotland, evoking loyalty and strength to the heritage of Scotland. In more recent years the figure is also said to be a tribute to the double marriage process that makes Whyte & Mackay whisky so special.


Richard Paterson has been the custodian and creator of Whyte & Mackay for 40 years. As a third generation in a family which has long been established within the Scotch Whisky industry, Richard started honing his craft from the age of 17, working as a general production assistant at a whisky blending and exporting company. Having perfected the age old double marriage process, Richard is no stranger to success and is regarded as one of the foremost whisky experts in the world.

As well as the numerous personal accolades acknowledging his superiority in the whisky industry, Richard has also proven instrumental in Whyte & Mackay being awarded the following honours:

IWSC named Whyte & Mackay Global Distiller of the Year 2009

Over the last consecutive three years, Whyte & Mackay Special has been a silver medallist at the IWSC awards – a great testament to its quality and taste

Both 13 and 22 years old were awarded Silver ‘best in class’ medals at the IWSC awards in 2009

The 30 years old was named the ‘best blended whisky in the world’ by the IWSC in 2009 and ‘Best in Class’ the following year

The 40 years old has also been named the best blend in the world at the World Whisky Awards and received the ‘Masters’ award at the Scotch Whisky Masters in 2010 – the highest award possible.
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Просмотров: 21

Телефоны коммерческого директора: +44 (0) 141 248 5771
E-mail коммерческого директора:
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Веб-сайт компании: www.whyteandmackay.com
Фактический адрес офисов: Whyte and Mackay Ltd, Dalmore House, 310 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, Scotland G2 5RG

О продукции

Продукция: Whyte & Mackay Special

COLOUR: Rich, golden highlights.

NOSE: Full and round with an attractive silky spectrum of soft nuances are displayed immediately. An impeccable balance prevails with no individual malt or grain whisky predominating. The double marriage process of these 41 constituent parts have assured a lasting union - a perfect marriage.

This is the key to the blend’s success - time has allowed for these aged malts to amalgamate and harmonise. The ‘vatted malt or blended malt’, as it is now known, is held in insitu sherry butts and left for several months during its first marriage. Once again we call upon time. The blended malt is then mixed with six different grain whiskies and returned to another set of insitu sherry butts to complete its second stage of maturation before the blend is finally bottled.

TASTE: Harmony and breeding reward the palate in a majestic manner. By allowing this noble spirit to drift over the tongue, the warmth of the mouth releases additional flavours - honeyed soft fruits arise in profusion. Seductively smooth, rich tones assert their influence in the background before giving way to a pleasing warm aftertaste which lingers long in the mouth.

This exceptional blend is a true reflection of its noble founders.

Whyte & Mackay ‘The Thirteen’

13 Year Old Aged Blended Scotch Whisky

The secret of the rich, rounded taste of THE THIRTEEN is in the unique Double Marriage maturation process. At 12 years old, when other producers bottle their aged blends, Whyte & Mackay’s Master Blender brings together the finest malt whiskies, then returns them to sherry casks to marry for another year – a loving union. At 13 years old the second marriage takes place, when the finest grain whiskies are introduced to this blend of malts to create the masterpiece that is THE THIRTEEN.

COLOUR: Radiant, golden highlights - shimmering bright.

NOSE: A firm rich positive bouquet. Mellow and full, almost luscious. A slight hint of wood can just be detected. Polished and elegant - not overpowering - the spirit rises gently to reveal its long age in wood. Some round sherry wood tones are also apparent giving it a distinguished graceful smoothness.

TASTE: Great backbone. Plenty of meat and flesh dominates the tongue at first, before releasing its many exquisite flavours - each one working in perfect harmony. Truly a noble blend.

Whyte & Mackay 19 Years Old Blend

COLOUR: Deep, golden, glossy mahogany.

NOSE: Rich and refined, luscious malty tones flaunt themselves in perfect harmony. A truly noble bouquet with just a hint of oloroso sherry lingers gently in the background. Velvety textures concludes this blaze of glory.

TASTE: Time is required to arouse these complex, attractive flavours on the palate - just like a fine wine it begins to assert itself. Round and mellow. Silky, soft tones dance on the tongue - each step echoes the excellence of this blend. Every individual malt and grain whisky displays a perfect balance throughout - age has moulded this quality blend into a rare masterpiece.

Whyte & Mackay 22 Years Old

Rare Edition Blended Scotch Whisky

COLOUR: Deep rich mahogany. Clean and clear.

NOSE: The aroma is immediate as the majestic malty tones drift around the mouth of the glass. Elegant and refined with just a hint of oak rising in the background. A gentle softness lingers throughout the spirit. Velvet and smooth. The long years in wood have moulded these Malts and Grains into perfect harmony.

TASTE: The nose is reflected on the taste - no bitterness or sharpness, just a rich fleshy body with a positive full flavour which drifts long on the tongue. The hand of time has fashioned this blend into a class of its own and to appreciate this high quality, it must be sipped and savoured. A good even balance prevails, which results in a classic finish, long and deep, with the Malts maintaining their presence almost indefinitely.

Whyte & Mackay 30 Years Old

Oldest Aged Blended Scotch Whisky

COLOUR: Bright, golden mahogany.

NOSE: Deep and mellow. The sherry wood exposes itself immediately. Hearty and grand. The weight of the Speyside Malts linger in graceful harmony.

TASTE: A classic refined flavour brought about by its many years in wood. A blend of this age must be drunk with respect - slow, not hurried. Each flavour must be given time to reveal its many fine qualities - rich and mellow, elegant and distinguished. All these excellent attributes are captured on the tongue leaving the palate rewarded and satisfied.

It takes 30 long years to create this masterpiece but only seconds to recognise its outstanding quality.