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Юридическое название UAB "Palink"
Территориальное местонахождение Vilnius
Краткое описание We have come a long way from the opening of our first shop in the centre of Vilnius to the present IKI retail chain comprising 280 supermarkets in Lithuania and Latvia by consistently following the same signposts: the highest quality, impeccable service, and customer satisfaction. With 226 stores in Lithuania, we are the widest retail chain in the country.

Seeking to serve our customers in the best possible way, we constantly invest into the modern technologies, service systems, quality and exclusivity of goods, employee skills and enhancement of their professional qualifications, development, and innovation.

We were and still are the first in a number of fields. We were the first in Lithuania to implement the modern quick-service cash register system; we were the first to develop the line of exclusive goods IKI Gurmanai; we were the first in Lithuania to start the loyalty programme by offering customers IKI Premija cards.

Based on all those facts, today we can talk about IKI as one of the ten largest companies in the Baltic countries, with almost 7,500 employees, managing three retail chains: IKI, IKIUKAS, and CENTO.


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Литва (Алитусский уезд, Вильнюсский уезд, Каунасский уезд, Клайпедский уезд, Мариямпольский уезд, Паневежский уезд, Таурагский уезд, Тельшяйский уезд, Утенский уезд, Шяуляйский уезд)

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Просмотров: 141

Телефоны коммерческого директора: +370 5 26 017 00
E-mail коммерческого директора:
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Веб-сайт компании: www.iki.lt
Фактический адрес офисов: Lentvario str. 33, LT-02241 Vilnius

О продукции

Продукция: IKI: favourite products for a lower price!
Having started its activities 20 years ago, IKI soon became the symbol of the best quality, freshness, and good service. People who choose our supermarkets know that here they will find the best products and will be able to buy them quickly, conveniently, and for an attractive price.
From now on, the logo of IKI will welcome you not only on the signboards of the supermarkets, but also on your favourite products.
We are introducing a new IKI product line!
If you choose IKI products, you can be sure that your decision is good because the IKI products are of good quality and cost less.
We use the IKI mark for products havingquality equal to that of the best products of that type, but you will not have to pay for a brand name. In this way, we can reduce the price for IKI products.
You will easily notice IKI products and will distinguish them from others not only because of their price but also because of their original packaging. From now on you will find 100 different types of IKI products in IKI supermarkets. Since in the future this number will only grow, you will be able to do your shopping by spending less and less.