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Краткое описание Rimi Baltic is one of the leading retailers in Baltic States and is operating three chains appreciated by customers – Rimi supermarkets, Rimi hypermarkets and hard discount shops Supernetto, Säästumarket.
Our vision
To make every day a little easier
Our mission
To be the leading retailer in the markets where we are active, with a focus on food and meals
Our values

The company Rimi Baltic was established as a joint venture between ICA and Kesko Livs in January 2005. Starting from 2006 Rimi Baltic is subsidiary company of ICA AB. Rimi Baltic is represented by three companies In Baltic States – Rimi Eesti Food, Rimi Latvia and Rimi Lietuva.
Rimi Eesti Food currently operates 15 Rimi supermarkets, 13 Rimi hypermarkets and 55 Säästumarket stores. Rimi Eesti employs 2700 people.
To learn more about Rimi Eesti, visit website at: www.rimi.ee
Rimi Latvia currently operates 35 Rimi supermarkets, 20 Rimi hypermarkets and 59 Supernetto stores. The company employs 4900 people.
To learn more about Rimi Latvia, visit website at: www.rimi.lv
Rimi Lietuva currently operates 23 Rimi supermarkets and 15 Rimi hypermarkets. Rimi Lietuva employs 2200 people.


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Просмотров: 87

Телефоны коммерческого директора: (+371) 6 7045 409
E-mail коммерческого директора:
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Веб-сайт компании: www.rimi.lv
Фактический адрес офисов: A. Deglava Street 161, Riga, Latvia, LV-1021

О продукции

Продукция: Rimi Baltic stores have broad appeal, demonstrated by the format options offered to customers of Hard Discounters, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets. In addition to a variety of format banners, we have also created these brands especially for our customers needs. Our numerous private label brands are exclusive to Rimi store banners and are our own brands, allowing customers to buy products to compliment their lifestyles from best Value to Fairtrade and Bio.
With hundreds of private label products to choose from already and the range growing each month, why not switch to our brands today for great savings without compromising on quality.
Our Own Brand Quality
Rimi understands that customers not only want food that tastes great, but also to get it at best value, with everyday high quality and produced high safety standards. To meet this challenge we identify suppliers from the local market and around the world to meet our expectations on value and quality, as well as safety, hygiene and labour standards. All Own Brand suppliers must meet the rigorous standards imposed by the Rimi Quality Department to ensure that products under our brands consistently meet the most stringent quality and safety standards.

Every single Rimi private label supplier is assessed in their capability to meet the high standards we set for our brands, if they are not able to meet, and maintain our standards then we do not accept them to manufacture our brands. Suppliers that do meet our standards are approved to manufacture products according to our taste profile decided by a panel and to our product specifications. The quality and safety parameters of our private label suppliers and products are continuously monitored to ensure ongoing high standards.
We are proud of the quality and safety standards of our own brand products and are treated in similar ways to leading international brands, as we too are building brands for the future, that our customers demand and can always trust.