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Company Sobieslaw
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Company Sobieslaw

Год основания 2001
Территориальное местонахождение ul. Army 19 30-150 Kraków
Краткое описание Company Sobieslaw principle Import Win specializes in the import of wines since 2001. The activity began with the distribution of fine wine Torreon de Paredes Chilean. To meet the market demand, at present imported wines also from Argentina, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Germany and South Africa.
uses its own distribution channels and its customers are private individuals and companies and the HORECA sector.
Goods is delivered within 24 hours of the order, to any place in Poland. And here's what he says about the wines Sobieslaw Principle: For 40 years, I am a wine lover. During my many travels I choose wine from the vineyards of the country. I particularly like the wines of the New World: Californian, South African or Australian, Chilean wine but even charmed me. Chile has a unique ecological conditions suitable for growing perfectly straight even the most demanding of vines, and the climate and refreshing westerly winds from the Pacific make these wines only of its kind. My search resulted in wines of the highest quality in cooperation with one of the best wineries in Chile - Torreon de Paredes wine bar. Paredes family tradition, their philosophy of producing wines based on the personal control of production by its members and constant climatic conditions of the region guarantee high quality wines each vintage. It happened that I met wines whose quality, despite the promising label left much to be desired. Therefore, I decided to import the Torreon de Paredes wine. I want in this way to give yourself, and others the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful taste of Chilean wines. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the unique taste of Torreon de Paredes wines - wines of the highest, guaranteed quality. band Sobieslaw principle Import Win


Регионы, в которых нужно представлять интересы

ПольшаПольша (Мазовецкое, Нижнесилезское, Куявско-Поморское, Люблинское, Западно-Поморское , Поморское, Великопольское, Малопольское, Лодзинское)

Контактные данные (показать)
Просмотров: 42

Директор компании (Ф.И.О.): Catherine Piskorz
Телефоны директора: 012 639 58 80
Веб-сайт компании: www.wina.zasada.com.pl
Другая контактная информация:

Tel.: 012 639 58 80

Fax: 012 639 58 85

E-mail: wina@wina.zasada.com.pl

О продукции

Маржинальность, %: 20

Регионы, где представлена продукция

Польша ( Мазовецкое, Нижнесилезское, Куявско-Поморское, Люблинское, Западно-Поморское , Поморское, Великопольское, Малопольское, Лодзинское )


Дополнительная информация: We invite you to get acquainted with the company Sobieslaw principle Import Win Sp. z oo, based on which we prepare many different variants of gift gifts and solutions for businesses.
're ready to organize tastings for customers of your company throughout the country. Good wine is also a good gift idea. • care about the quality of imported wine, • import them from small family wineries from around the world • in Poland and they can be only get in our stores importerskich in Krakow, in specialty shops and restaurants, • wine delivered to 24 h, • have a wide range of packaging: wooden crates, boxes, copyright, handbags, Package holidays, special occasions, baskets, and many others offer discounts • depending on the scope of cooperation, • the ability to provide online ordering, we will gladly needs of your company, then we will be able to clarify the offer and accordingly it to you to customize.