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Vino Vint 1
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Vino Vint 1

Территориальное местонахождение Dariusz Mikosza, Rafal Mikosza st. Felczaka 8 71-417
Краткое описание "VINO Vint 1" SC in Szczecin is a young, growing company in Western Pomerania engaged in the sale of wines and spirits from around the world.
To meet the demand for new wines cooperates
with major customers and distributors operating not only in the European market. As a result, we are able to guarantee you a new unknown market wines of sublime flavors, while little applied in the domestic market. An important attribute of the activities that we sell is high quality of wine products while maintaining low prices. Maintaining such a great price is possible due to the fact that as a direct recipient and also the distributors do not use the services of intermediaries. We are constantly enriching our offer, we would like to meet the requirements of current and future customers. Currently, we have a wide range of wines from Australia, Austria, Chile, South Africa, USA, Italy and Argentina and China.
Our aim is to extend the offer of new wines from the countries from which we import wine already, while introducing new inter alia, Venezuela and Portugal. Thanks to this, we will be more than 200 species of wine.
Serdedecznie invite you to visit our flagship store located in Szczecin, ul. Felczaka 8 (alcoholic drinks).
Taking care of our customers in Szczecin, we offer free delivery of purchased goods own transportation to the designated place by the contractor (orders above 300 zł)
We invite you to cooperation.


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ПольшаПольша (Мазовецкое, Нижнесилезское, Куявско-Поморское, Люблинское, Западно-Поморское , Поморское, Великопольское, Малопольское, Лодзинское)

Контактные данные (показать)
Просмотров: 39

Веб-сайт компании: www.vinovintana.pl
Другая контактная информация:
phone: 91 422 33 88

email: biuro@vinovintana.pl

О продукции

We offer wines from the following countries:

South African Wines

Wines from Argentina

Wines from Australia

Austrian wines

Wines from Chile

Chinese Wine

Cypriot wines

French Wines

Spanish wines

Wines of California

German wines

Portuguese wines

Wine Ukrainian

Italian Wines

Маржинальность, %: 20

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Польша ( Мазовецкое, Нижнесилезское, Куявско-Поморское, Люблинское, Западно-Поморское , Поморское, Великопольское, Малопольское, Лодзинское )


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