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Amvyx S.A
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Amvyx S.A

Год основания 1917
Территориальное местонахождение 6 Costantinoupoleos str , Argyroupolis , , 16452 , Greece
Краткое описание Amvyx S.A. is the oldest , spirits import, marketing and sales company in Greece. Since 1917, the company has been exclusively distributing world-class brands of spirits, beer and other alcoholic (and non-alcoholic at times) beverages in Greece. The company's mission is to deliver very high quality promotion and distribution services for the products that trust Amvyx for their distribution. Its philosophy is based on the core concepts of entrepreneurship, innovation and respect for its suppliers, customers and end consumers; this has enabled it to compete as an equal with its multinational competitors, and target and achieve continuous growth.


Регионы, в которых нужно представлять интересы

ГрецияГреция (Афины, Салоники, Янина, Лариса, Патры, Пирей, Ираклион)

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Просмотров: 42

Директор компании (Ф.И.О.): Dron Alan
Коммерческий директор (НТО) компании (Ф.И.О.): Albert Revah
Веб-сайт компании: www.amvyx.gr
Другая контактная информация:

Phone: 30 210 96 92 260

mail: sales@amvyxsa.gr.

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Маржинальность, %: 20

Регионы, где представлена продукция

Греция ( Афины, Салоники, Янина, Лариса, Патры, Пирей, Ираклион )



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Дополнительная информация: The company is characterized by its management’s dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, having always treated the brands it represents as its core pillar for success. This is why it has always invested in the brands’ communication and promotion strategy, often opting for bold and innovative solutions. Yet, first and foremost, AMVYX S.A. is considered by its employees and customers as a company with a “human face”, that founds its success on warm and friendly relationships, and always strives to establish win-win partnerships. As a result of these efforts, the company has grown constantly, solely by growing the brands it distributes.
The company currently focuses on the distribution of alcoholic beverages (including beer and champagne), but in the future it may expand to other related and synergistic areas, due to the broad and well developed distribution network it has set up, and long experience in the market.
The company’s vision is to remain the most reliable solution for the distribution of alcoholic beverages in Greece, to be the most attractive company for independent or multinational alcoholic beverages companies, seeking the best possible “route to market” in Greece. Believing in the people that make up the company, and in the brands it distributes, which support it, Amvyx view the future with confidence.
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